Summer 2017 Tumbling Meet Information:

Jacobs Gymnastics Club is hosting our 15th Annual Tumbling Meet! The meet will be held on Saturday August 19, 2017 here at Jacobs Gymnastics Club.
What is the meet? The Tumbling Meet is an opportunity for gymnasts age 4 and older, beginner through team levels, to compete a tumbling routine and enjoy a meet experience. The gymnast will be working on memorizing and presenting clean routines during the tumbling portion of summer classes. The routines consist of 4-5 tumbling skills – 2 tumbling passes per routine.
It is a valuable process in that we learn a routine, work on form and technique, present the routine at the meet, and all gymnasts receive a score, medal and t-shirt at the meet.

Tumbling Meet Results 2017 – Click Here

Tumbling Meet Schedule 2017 – Click Here

Tumbling Meet Routines 2017 – Click Here

Summer 2017 Tumbling Meet FAQs:

The meet will be held on Saturday August 19, 2017 here at Jacobs Gymnastics Club. Please check the website, (Tumbling Meet page) or the lobby bulletin board as the schedule will be available Thursday July 27. Please double check your child’s name for spelling, age and level. Please let me know of any errors ASAP. We have double checked all levels of our gymnasts. Our goal is to have a smooth meet, so if you have questions or corrections let Chris know ASAP!

How long is the meet? Each session is one hour. Each gymnast is scheduled for one session only. Schedules will be posted July 21.

Should my gymnast memorize the routine? Yes It is all about confidence, and your routine will look better! We are working on the routines during the tumbling portion of class. We also have camps in August to help gymnasts get extra practice too! Register early!

Will my gymnast be nervous? Everyone is a little! It’s ok – but everyone coming to watch is a parent or grandparent, watching their own gymnast.

What should my gymnast wear? Leotard, hair up/out of face, no jewelry, no socks, no shorts.

What is the best score you can get at the meet? We use the traditional 10.0 scoring format.

What are the standard deductions (what makes your score go down?) Form breaks – bent arms/legs, not pointing toes, not stretching tall Extra steps in between skills, pauses, fixing your hair or leotard, falling….

How many gymnasts compete at one time? ONE!

How many warm up routines will each gymnast have at the meet? 1-2 routines then line up, march-in, compete, and finally, awards!

Will there be coaches at the meet to help your gymnast verbally or physically? YES! Sometimes gymnasts get nervous and forget their routine we can talk them through it. We try to match each gymnast with a routine that gives challenges, but not to the degree that they will need spot during a meet. Meets are for presenting routines with few flaws and confidence – not to showcase the coach’s spotting abilities.

What are the routines?  Click here for a pdf file of the routines.

Should we cheer for the other gymnasts? YES PLEASE good sportsmanship!

Will everyone get a medal? Yes placements depend on your score!

Will everyone get a meet t-shirt? Yes, after the awards!

What is the most important thing to remember about the meet? The kids are encouraged to “Do your best and have fun!The parents are encouraged to enjoy watching your child tumble and participate in the competition experience!