Jacobs Gymnastics – Policies:

Here at Jacobs – we focus on coaching each child in a fun and positive environment. We encourage participation and good attitudes. Our coaches have all had training and various levels of gymnastics experience. We have adult coaches present in every class. We also have an incredible staff of college and high school students.

Our entire staff is amazing and very talented.
They are responsible, experienced and excited to share their love of gymnastics with your  child.

We do not have parents participating or observing inside the gym due to safety issues and distractions.
We also promote independence for the gymnasts.
We will have the blinds open often for viewing from the lobby.
If the coaches feel it necessary to temporarily close the blinds, due to excessive distractions,
we will do that to better instruct the gymnasts. Typically, we have the blinds open though.

We will continue with our current schedule year-round.

We regularly evaluate and promote gymnasts throughout the year as they gain skills.

If you are discontinuing, we require a 2 week email notice.
If you would like to change class times – just email or speak to us at the desk.
This will eliminate the extra registrations for summer and fall.
If questions please email – chrisjacobs04@msn.com.


Payments are due at the first lesson of each month to reserve your child’s space in the class. We accept cash, check, bill pay, PayPal, or automatic credit card payments..
The rate stays the same each month. There are no discounts for a three week/lesson month, and no additional tuition due to a five week month. Partial payments are not accepted for a student’s absence. Please email to notify us if your gymnast is going to miss a class. Make-up classes are offered October through August for the occasional missed lesson. Make up lessons are NOT available in September. Space in each class is limited and your student’s space is not given away until you notify us that they will not be attending. Kindly give us a two week notice of cancellation so we can plan accordingly. You will be charged if we are not notified two weeks in advance. “Bill Pay” is a service offered by all banks – in which the customer (rather than the merchant) requests a transfer of funds. Many of our families have this feature set up to send payments out on the first of every month to make paying the bill a little easier. Otherwise, we do have a payment box on the desk to place your payments the first week of each month.  If you prefer to mail in payments or set up automatic “bill pay” with  your bank, please include “Suite A” in the address. The Waukee  Post Office will not deliver unless you use the full address, including: “Suite A.” Jacobs Gymnastics, 75 NE Venture Drive SUITE A, Waukee, IA 50263.

Dropping Off/Picking Up:

 Please use caution and safety when picking up and dropping off.  Beginning in May 2020 we are asking parents to partner with us for safety by dropping off gymnasts at the rear entrance -on the east side, 5 minutes before class, and then pick up in the West lot at the end of class. Do not pull up to the doors to drop off – or pick up, but rather find a parking spot for safety. Coaches assist at the end of class as well. 

Label coats, jackets, boots…:

We have had a few mix-ups with coats, boots, shoes, water bottles… It’s a good idea to mark your gymnast’s garments with their name. Also a bag is great to secure personal items!


The lobby is open for limited viewing. 

Sick Children Policy:

We are all trying our best to stay healthy.  Eating right, hand washing, good rest, diligent cleaning are all steps we  can take to maximize our immune systems. Also, your help is needed to ensure a healthy environment for all:
~ If your child is vomiting,  running a fever, sick stomach, earache,  or severe headache, please keep them home.
~ If they were too sick to attend school during the day, please keep them  home in the evening as well, just to be safe.
~ If a sibling is staying home from school, due to illness, please do not  bring them into the lobby area during englishcollege.com classes.
~ If a parent is ill, please do not expose the families waiting in the  lobby.
~ If your child will miss their class, a call or email is appreciated
~ If your child is exposed to someone with a positive Covid test, please notify us immediately and we will advise you of the latest quarantine/isolation policies. 
~If your child has a Covid symptoms or tests positive, please notify us immediately and we will advise. 

No one wants to miss their gymnastics class! That’s great! But we all need to be respectful of other adults and children. The above  requests are the same principles used in schools and daycares. Your consideration is always much appreciated!

Make-up policy:

Make-up lessons are available for the occasional missed lesson, due to outside conflict or illness. Please submit your request for a make up by email to chrisjacobs04@msn.com. We are very flexible with our make-up classes, but due to the volume of requests, we need the requests submitted this way to avoid over-booking classes. Make-up lessons can be scheduled before or after the missed lesson. Make-up lessons do not carry over from one season to the next. If you need lessons made up from the summer – they need to be arranged in the summer and not carry over to fall.

We strive to begin and end each class on time.  Parents can run errands and return by the end of class. We expect parents to be prompt in arriving at the beginning class time and picking up gymnasts promptly at the end of class. When dropping off or picking up, please do not block the front door. Also be aware of little ones entering and exiting the building in the parking lots.

Misc. info:

· Girls- Leotards: any color, style, preferably without a skirt. Girls must have their hair secured back out of face and off the neck. If hair is in their eyes, it can be a safety hazard. We need clear vision at all times.  No two-piece outfits please – bellies covered!
· All jewelry must be removed (watches, dangle earrings, bracelets and necklaces)
· Boys- Proper fitting t-shirt tucked into gym shorts or warm-up pants
· PLEASE NO jeans, jean shorts, sweatshirts, baggy pants
· Please no food or drinks in the lobby/gym area. Gymnasts may bring a water bottle to class. Please label with name!

Severe Weather Policy:

Current gym policy is to follow the National Weather Bureau directives regarding severe weather. That directive will be followed in the event of future severe weather situations. If sirens are heard, all children will take cover in the restrooms WITH MASKS. Parents will be apprised of the situation, and given the option to take their children home if the weather allows, or stay here and take cover in the restrooms.

Weather Cancellation Policy:

We hate to cancel classes as a rule. I know the kids look forward to their gymnastics’ practices and are disappointed when they miss for any reason. Gymnastics will only cancel in extreme situations, where safety is a major concern! Regarding snowstorms, ice storms… I base the decision to close on several factors. If Waukee schools dismiss early or cancel, chances are that our schedule will be affected. We also factor in the National Weather Service warnings. If the NWS is issuing severe winter storm warnings (blizzard, ice, snow) and is not recommending travel, we may need to cancel as well.
Decisions are made as early as possible. For early afternoon classes (those classes starting prior to 5:00), please check the website, a decision will be made by 3:00 PM. A final decision for the 5:00 and later classes will be made no later than 4:00 PM. 
Please check the website: www.jacobsgymnastics.com,  first for updated information regarding cancellations. You may need to hit “refresh” on your browser. Also status updates will be posted on the Jacobs Facebook Page – and our Instagram page, always good to “like” and “follow” our social media.  I also try to email families affected by closings.
Make-up lessons for missed classes due to the weather are often offered on Saturdays. Families affected will be emailed with opportunities for make-ups.
We make every effort to remain open unless the safety of our students and staff is an issue. 
We make the best decisions with the information we have available.
Safety is our number one concern!  If at any time, you feel it is not safe to venture out to class, please stay home.  Trust your instincts! Be safe!


Did You Know?

*  There is a direct link between motor development and learning.

*  Gymnastics builds character by developing patience, dedication, and perseverance.

*  Gymnastics develops balance and control: which enhances a child’s ability  to focus and concentrate.

*  Studies continue to show that children exposed to gymnastics instruction  test higher on academic tests.

*  Gymnastics develops flexibility and agility which are essential in the  reduction of sports injuries.


Any questions or concerns you may can be handled directly with me, Chris Jacobs.
Email me at: chrisjacobs04@msn.com.
We appreciate the opportunity to work with your child.