Class Descriptions

The descriptions below will help you evaluate what class is the best fit for your gymnast. 

 “Parent/Tot” classes are for our youngest students, age 2 and 3-years-old.  They attend once a week to a 30-minute class with a parent or other adult supervising. We introduce all apparatuses and basic tumbling movements. 

 “Preschool” classes are the next step – attended independently for 3 and 4-year-old gymnasts.  Classes meet for 50 minutes. We introduce all apparatuses and basic tumbling movements. 

“Beginner Classes” focus on introducing and continuing gymnastic skills on beam, bars, vault, trampoline and tumbling. Gymnasts learn basic skills, correct form and technique. Gymnasts in the beginner class routinely work on forward rolls, straddle rolls, cartwheels, to name a few tumbling skills. Typically, boys and girls, ages  4-7, are enrolled in “Beginner” until their form and  skills develop. Ages 6 and older begin to separate into ability level classes appropriate by age, gender and skill levels. Classes meet for 50 minutes. 

“Intermediate 1 & 2 Classes” is the next  step. Gymnasts in the intermediate level show good form and technique on basic skills on tumbling as well as the beam, bars and vault. Intermediate gymnasts have achieved a backbend down (from a standing position) and are working on pulling it back up to the standing position. A backbend kick over, one arm cartwheels, back walkover, front limber are a few of the skills we attempt in this level.  

“Intermediate 3 Classes” is the class for “older” gymnasts (age 8 and older) with limited or no gymnastics experience. It is another more positive class name, rather than: older beginner class. Most gymnasts in this class either have the basics of tumbling but no experience on the equipment (beam, bars, vault) or maybe very limited experience due to pursuing other activities at a younger age. Either way, most of our “int. 3” gymnasts are so excited to be in gymnastics, and being a little older they can really think about what they need to do and execute it. They generally pick up skills and form pretty quickly! When they gain enough skills (back walkover, front limber, pullover & back hip circle on bars) they move up to “Advanced” level. Our “Int. 3” gymnasts also appreciate not being in class with younger kids. It really builds their confidence and makes the class more enjoyable for them to be with older kids rather than little ones.

“Advanced  Classes” meet for  75 minutes. Gymnasts at this level have met the requirements for the Intermediate class. Gymnasts at this level will focus on advanced skills and Level 3 routine skill requirements. Gymnasts fulfilling these requirements will be eligible to advance to House Team if that is their goal. Gymnasts in the “Advanced” level may or may not be working toward competition goals. 

House Team” is our “pre-team” program and also serves as our “alternative team” program. Gymnasts will train 1.75 – 3.5 hours per week on advanced level skills comparable to the Silver Xcel level skills and routines. Gymnasts will have the opportunity to compete in  intra-squad meets each year, held in February and May. Gymnasts must have a “house team” leotard. Some gymnasts are training to move on to the Xcel team program, and others are content to  continue to participate at the “house” level. House Team is available by invitation.

“Xcel Team” is our competitive Travel Team. Several of our gymnasts claim State Champion Individual Titles! Gymnasts are invited to join the Xcel team after demonstrating appropriate skills, hard work  ethic and determination. Gymnasts at this level are expected to train 4-6 hours per week to adequately prepare for competition and gain necessary skills, technique, form, strength and flexibility. Our  expectations are high at this level.