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Jacobs Gymnastics

75 NE Venture Drive, Suite A, Waukee, IA 50263

Summer 2016 Programs: Classes, Camps, Clinics, Tumbling Meet!

Enroll today to join in the summer fun! It’s easy!
Simply check the class schedule for your gymnast’s ability level - very similar to the spring schedule -
Email Chris at: chrisjacobs04@msn.com  with your gymnast’s name and class request!
I will return your email with a confirmation ASAP!

Summer programs begin Tuesday May 31 and continue through August 19 for a full 12 week/3 month program. Summer is the perfect time to start and continue classes. Progress is quick in the summer!

The Tumbling Meet will be held Saturday  August 20 here at Jacobs for ages 4 and older! Everyone is welcome! Routines are learned and practiced during the tumbling portion of summer classes! Fun experience for all levels of gymnasts. More info to come!

2016 Summer Schedule by Levels - Click here for pdf file
2016 Summer Schedule by Days - Click here for pdf file
Registration forms - click here
Policy Letter - Click here

 2016 Summer Tuition and Registration Fees:

 2 year old classes - 30 minute class - $55/month
 3 year old classes - 45 minute class - $70/month
 Beginner, Intermediate - 60 minute class - $70/month
 Cheer, Boys classes - 60 minute class - $70/month
 Superstars (invite only) 75 minute class - $80/month
 Advanced - 90 minute class - $90/month
 House Team - 120 minute practice - $115/month
 Xcel Team - 4 hours/week - $195/month

 Family rate discounts are available -
 $10 discount for each additional child.

 Summer Registration fee (new students) discounted to $10.
 Registration fees renew each fall - $20/year.


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