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Jacobs Gymnastics

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Jacobs Gymnastics Spring 2017



Jacobs Gymnastics

  • 75 NE Venture
    Suite A
    Waukee, IA 50263


Coming soon:
Summer Registration begins April 8!
Registering for summer – Super Simple!
Our schedule will remain nearly the same –a simple email to confirm –
or let us know if your child needs a higher level or different class time!
Classes continue through May 25 on current schedule.
May 22-25 is Parent’s week! More info to come soon!

A quick WELCOME BACK to our Jacobs Families! We hope everyone enjoyed a great Spring Break!

This is week 1 for our charting process involving filling out individual progress reports that will be sent home after NEXT week's lesson (the week of March 27!).
The blinds will be closed this week and next to help our gymnasts fully focus on presenting their best skills to their coaches. Often, parents and siblings at the windows can be a distraction. Thank you in advance for not requesting that we open the blinds this week and next. They are rarely closed and I promise your gymnast is hard at work!
Parents are also not allowed inside the gym during lessons. I assure you that if your child needs you, we will bring them right out!

You will receive the “Progress Report” for your child at the end of the lesson the week of March 27! There is a lot of great information regarding their skill progress and also Summer Registration, which opens April 10- all details on the website! Summer classes will be very similar to the current schedule. Registration is EASY
Please take this opportunity to run errands, read a book, take a walk, or just relax!
AND please take a minute to look over the newly painted and updated lobby! We think it looks great!

To access the  Tim McConnell informational letter - click here. We will also hand out hard copies at class this week. There are also copies available on a table display in the lobby.

Tim does a great job with the photos and even better relating to the gymnasts and keeping it fun!
To further help him do his job, and help us stay on schedule, we ask parents do NOT come in the gym. Parents should not try to sneak a photo of the group or individuals at this time.
The last week of May, we have a special Parent Participation, where parents are welcome to come participate in class, cheer on their gymnast, take as many photos/videos as you please.
Picture Day with Tim is not the day to do this. If you do have a special request - sister/sibling shots... please let me or Beckye know prior to class.

Tim will have paper proofs available Feb 27-March 3. He will also send a link via email to your proof. You are welcome to place orders on line or by filling out the paper proof form and returning it to the gym.
ALL finished orders will be mailed directly to you.

Any questions - let me know.
If it is a specific picture question - Tim's office number is 515-961-2781.

Thanks again for your support! Picture Week is always a fun time for all!

Chris Jacobs

Coming up
March 13-19 - Spring Break - the gym is closed.
Evaluations will be March 20-31.  Reports will be sent home the week of March 27 with recommendations for Summer levels or immediate promotions. Blinds will be closed those two weeks so gymnasts can focus and coaches can have their undivided attention. Please do not ask for us to open the blinds. We rarely close them - the last time was last spring for evaluations. Thank you for your cooperation.


 Happy New Year!
I'm hoping everyone is back on track after the holiday schedules! It can be tough getting back to normal after the break!
Tuition is due this week, please drop a check or cash payment.
$75/month - 45 and 60 minute classes.
$95/month - 90 minute Advanced classes
$125/month - House Team
$225/month - Xcel Team

We try to keep everyone updated through e-newsletters, our website, Facebook, and you tubes. Last year at this time - we created a you tube channel - check it out if you haven't yet..

We also post to our Facebook page regularly regarding closings - gym news - and a lot of team results/news. If you haven’t already “liked” us on FB – please do so!
I do not post a lot, but will definitely use the social media to communicate as well!
“”Click here to Like us on Facebook!

Coming in February - Pictures, Class and Individual photos will be taken during regularly scheduled classes the week of February 20-23. Tim McConnell will be returning to offer his photography talents.
Pictures take about 10 minutes out of their regularly scheduled practice, we do have a full class of gymnastics as well! More info to come soon!

*** Be aware of inclement weather.
We want all our gymnasts and families to be safe! If Waukee schools cancel due to dangerous weather conditions, we will do so as well.
You can double-check any cancellations by checking the website (you may need to hit F5 – refresh to pull up the latest updates). You can also check Facebook.
One exception - if schools close due to severe low temps only (no snow/ice) we typically stay open!
I also try to send out a quick email to all in the group send list. Lastly, if possible, I update the voicemail. I can update notices to the website, facebook, and email from anywhere –
but I have to be at the gym to change the voice mail announcement.
We hope that severe weather passes us by – but we do live in Iowa, so we need to be prepared! If we do not close, but you feel it is not safe to travel, we respect those choices as well. Safety first!

Below is news from previous newsletters!
The lessons do average out to 4 lessons per month over the 12 month course. We do not charge extra for a 5 lesson month, nor discount a 3 lesson month. It does average out over time.
*Weather related cancellations – Check the website first to confirm– generally if Waukee Schools cancel or dismiss early due to severe weather conditions, we will also cancel classes.
*See the website for full policy explanation. Of course, even if schools do not cancel, but parents feel it is not safe to be out – we do respect your decision.

Sick kids – If your child is sick (flu/sinus/strep/cold/nausea…) please do
NOT send them to gymnastics. If a child has a fever or vomiting, the standard policy is to wait 24 hours of being symptom free, before resuming school and activities.
This is to protect your child and the all the children at the gym. Also, sick/contagious siblings should not be in the lobby. Our goal is to prevent the spread of illnesses.

Please be aware of severe weather at all times. We have severe weather policies in place at the gym to handle emergencies – but we do not have a basement area. I n the event of severe weather – we do monitor the local stations and the National Weather Service for updated information. We rarely close –
but ALWAYS suggest that parents keep gymnasts as safe as possible in severe circumstances. We will offer make-ups for those missing due to weather.

Reminder - we have a few openings in our morning classes – 2-year-old parent/tot classes, 3 year olds, and beginners!
Generally, folks register for morning classes for preschoolers later in the year. Many of our evening classes are currently very full, but we do offer wait lists and work to accommodate gymnasts as space is available.
Check the website for updated class status.

Long version of tuition/make-up/cancellation policies - As mentioned in the confirmation letter under policies - payments are due the first week of the month for the month regardless of the number of weeks in each month. Over the course of the year, lessons do average out to 4 lessons per month. We do not discount 3-week months, nor do we charge extra for 5 lesson months. We also do not offer make up lessons for lessons missed due to holidays throughout the year, as these are accounted for and the 5-week months compensate. We initially began the fall with a 6 week session with payments covering the 2 weeks of August and 4 weeks of September – all gymnasts received 6 weeks – plus the registration fee. We set up the 6 week session to lessen confusion since the fall schedule began mid-August and the summer session was a 10 week session ending August 10. From October through May, we will resume monthly tuition being due the first week of each month. Gymnasts are expected to be in attendance consistently, and although we do offer make ups through the year, we cannot guarantee that all missed lessons can be made up. Very few other youth sports offer the option of a make-up lesson. It is our hope that parents and gymnasts can enjoy the availability of making up a lesson, but it is not required or expected, only offered as a courtesy. When possible, we always try to accommodate all make-up requests.
If your child is discontinuing for any reason, our policy is to email a 2-week notification. You will be responsible for tuition until we are notified (by email) as you have enrolled your child through the end of May.

If you have questions - please email Chris at chrisjacobs04@msn.com
Jacobs Gymnastics Policies:
We accept cash or check only. Please write your gymnast’s name on the check or enclose cash in an envelope with gymnast’s name on outside.

We strive to begin and end each class on time. Parents are welcome to wait and observe in the lobby. Parents can also run errands and return by the end of class. We expect parents to be prompt in arriving at the beginning class time and picking up gymnasts promptly at the end of class. Picking up on time is important for your child’s safety. If your child is chronically late being picked up we will begin charging extra fees for supervising. In addition, the gym is not open all day – after the morning and early afternoon classes, coaches leave to get lunch, locking up. Please do not assume a late pick up is acceptable. Please do not block the front door when dropping off or picking up in front. Also, be aware of little ones entering and exiting the building in the parking lots. Parking in the rear of the building is fine – however before 5:00 you must not park in the center areas as neighboring businesses are still receiving semi-truck shipments.

Misc. info:
Girls- Leotards: any color, style, preferably without a skirt. Girls must have their hair secured back out of face and off the neck. If hair is in their eyes, it can be a safety hazard. We need clear vision at all times
All jewelry must be removed (watches, dangle earrings, bracelets and necklaces).
Boys- Proper fitting t-shirt tucked into gym shorts or warm-up pants
PLEASE NO jeans, jean shorts, sweatshirts, baggy pants.
Please no food or drinks in the lobby/gym area. Gymnasts may bring a water bottle to class.
Please supervise all siblings’ activities in the lobby. You will be responsible for any damage to the premises caused by your child.

Please email me directly with any questions or comments - chrisjacobs04@msn.com
Thanks so much!

September 2016

Labor Day
- Monday, September 5.  Jacobs is closed.  Also, no team practice Sat. August 3.
Because we began August 29, all gymnasts have a 5 week month to begin with! Monday gymnasts will still have 4 lessons with the closure.
Most months have 4 lessons. Over the course of the year, it does average out to 4 lessons per month. Occasionally there is a 5 week month- we do not charge extra. Sometimes there is a 3 week month due to a holiday. We do not pro-rate of offer make-ups, because it does average out.  

Evaluations - we have had several questions about class levels and promotions/adjustments. Our coaches evaluate all gymnasts and are in constant contact with me regarding gymnasts that need moved up or even if they are in a class too tough. In turn, I will contact parents and let them know the situation. This happens throughout the year! 

- ALL gymnasts need an appropriate leotard - no skirt attached, no "bra" only top.  Lycra shorts are ok if snug fitting. We are getting some Olympic replica leotards in next week! I can also order from GK - as a dealer, my pricing is better than the website. Let me know if you see a style you'd like to order.
Hair - Please make sure your gymnast has her hair pulled up - off neck, out of their eyes, for safety.

Coming soon - Special order "Club" leotards
- black with purple - "JACOBS" in crystals across the front.
We will have samples in 2 weeks to try on and order in time for Christmas! Matching shorts as well!
House Team and Superstar gymnasts are required to order.  Recreational gymnasts are not, but they are going to be really cool!
Leotards will be $50 - shorts $25.  Coming in 2 weeks or so for trying on and ordering!

Thank you - we all appreciate your patience and kindness as we tried our best to get all the gymnasts started in the right classes and ease nerves and provide a great first class! Much appreciated!

Chris Jacobs

  Welcome to the Fall Session!
We are excited to be starting our 15
th season here at Jacobs! We welcome all the new gymnasts and appreciate the support of the returning gymnasts and their families! The first few weeks can be a little overwhelming and we appreciate everyone’s patience and enthusiasm!

The coaches will be evaluating the gymnasts during class to be sure that each gymnast is in an appropriate class for their age and ability.

Parents are not invited to watch from inside the gym – very distracting and space is limited! The blinds are rarely closed.  While it is fun to watch class – many gymnasts are distracted by the many parent faces at the window.  We appreciate your support of this policy.  You are welcome to run errands and return at the end of class too.

House Team and Xcel Team gymnasts are encouraged to enter the rear - staff/team entrance.
Pre-school through Advanced levels should enter the front door.

Additional parking is available in the rear of the building. The first few weeks can be very difficult while everyone gets into the routine. Please do NOT pull up close to the door to unload your gymnast as others are trying to safely exit! Please do not park next to the building  in front as well or block other businesses. Everyone should be on the lookout for exiting families - especially little ones!

Make ups are not allowed in September only – due to the full classes and our goal of learning about each gymnast and making sure each one is in the appropriate class!

Please be sure your gymnast has a good fitting leotard and hair pulled up for class!

We will call in all the classes at the same time and divide into sections inside the gym. You may see several different levels and sizes all going in together, but we will separate into appropriate groups.

Thank you to all the parents that have already turned in forms and payment as requested. If you have not done so yet - please bring the forms and payment (check or cash) with you to your first class.
IF your gymnast needs a new leotard - please come a little early.

We are excited to begin a new fall season! We know gymnastics will be a highlight of your child's week!

 If you have questions, concerns, or comments – please ask Chris or Beckye or speak with your gymnast’s coach after class!